What's in a fragrance? Choosing a candle scent is the same as selecting a new perfume or a good bottle of wine. Each has note classifications which are made up of three different parts that work in harmony to provide you with the best experience.

First you have the Top notes which are the first notes that you smell they hit your senses in either a good or bad way. It is the first impression you have of the fragrance from there you decide if you want to go further or stop there. I challenge you to move past the first impression of the scent it will change as the top notes fade.

Next you have what is known as the Middle notes which are the heart of the fragrance, this note works as a bridge with the Top notes and the Base notes (we haven't gotten there yet.). You have a smooth transition to create the complete fragrance it is not chopped up into separate scents.

Finally, the Base notes anchor the fragrance providing depth and longevity of the scent. In short this is what saturates your space with the scent. Depending on how heavy the base in the fragrance, the scent may last for days.

There is a complexity in every fragrance it is best to not take a quick sniff, allow yourself some time to really see if it all works for you. It may change your mind the longer you allow the fragrance notes to develop. Remember there are three note classifications that have to travel your senses, pay close attention to the base note it will be there longer than any of the other notes.

How do you decide what scent is most appealing to you? Will this information change how you select your scented candles or perfumes?

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